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Stillwater Sail

Stillwater Sail Tent Rentals NJ

Some benefits of Stillwater Sail Tents include: Sail Cloth Tent, Wooden finished poles, Crisp Lines, Light Weight Fabric, Penant Toppers, Water Proof, Organic Shapes, Luminescent (warm light during daytime–glows during evening events) and more.

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Frame Tents

Frame Tent Rentals NJFrame tents are ideal for deck, patios and blacktop installations when staking is not practical. These tents are self standing, with adjustable legs and can be installed in tight places.

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Pole Tents

Pole Tent Rentals NJ

Party Corner’s Pole Tents have a variety of uses and must be staked into the ground. The stakes will extend 8’ from the tent around the perimeter. Party Corner’s frame tents are ideal for decks, patios, and blacktop installations when staking is not practical. These tents are self-standing, with adjustable legs and can be installed in tight places.

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Tent Rentals NJNew Jersey’s gorgeous seasonal weather means that many people want to have their events outdoors. Outdoor events are fantastic for many reasons. They often offer more space than events held indoors, may be more affordable, allow for the natural setting to set the tone and provide ambiance, and connect guests with nature. However, one of the risks of outdoor events is that it is impossible to predict the weather! Inclement weather can ruin an outdoor event if there are no tents protecting guests. Furthermore, even gorgeous weather has hazards; a bright, sunny day can be uncomfortably warm for guests who do not have access to shade. At Party Corner, we have all types of tents available to help protect your outdoor event and keep your guests happy.

We offer pole tents which have to be staked into the ground, so that the available outdoor space required for each pole tent is 8 feet in each direction from the perimeter. These tents are fantastic on lawns, but cannot be used on hard surfaces.

Our Stillwater Sail Tents use pole tents and stakes like traditional pole tents, but lend a more organic feel to your event. Made of light weight sail cloth fabric, they filter in light to provide warm light during the day and glow at evening events. They are whimsical in their decoration possibilities; they have organic shapes and have penant toppers, which almost makes them appear like period decorations. Best of all, they are waterproof!
3Party Tent Rentals NJAll of our tents come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. The estimates for each size are based on round-table dimensions. One of our party supply experts can help you estimate the tent size you need for your guests based on your table-expectations and any other elements that you will have under tents, such as dance floors, food service, or bars.

We can also help you dress up your tent. Plastic sidewalls are available for many tent varieties and shapes, so that you can have an outdoor event even in winter or wet weather. We offer fabric liners, lighting, guttering, custom flooring, pole drapes, and carpeting to customize your tent experience and incorporate your theme into your tent choices.

To assess your tent needs, measure the space you have available for your event, look at your guest list, and then come down to our Ocean Township showroom or call 732-695-2711 to speak with one of our party supply specialists!

Additional rental services are available in all of Party Corner’s tent rentals:

  • Fabric Liners
  • Lighting
  • Guttering
  • Custom Flooring
  • Leg and Center Pole Drapes
  • Carpeting


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