Rental Terms

Rental Terms Continued

  • 10. DAMAGE WAIVER:  Rental Company agrees, in consideration of an additional charge as listed on the face of this contract, to modify the responsibilities of the Customer created in paragraph 9 regarding equipment damaged while in Customer’s possession or control.  Notwithstanding paragraph 9 above, Customer accepting Damage Waiver is not responsible for damage to or destruction of the rental equipment except as follows:  (a) Any form of loss or theft of equipment;  (b) Damage due to Customer’s neglect or misuse;  (c)Loss by willful neglect or abuse.  If requested, Customer agrees to furnish Rental Company with a police report on all damage to which this damage waiver modification applies.  Customer is required to return damaged equipment, including broken pieces, whether still useful or not.
  • 11. Delivery and pick up will be at Rental Company’s convenience.  (b) Delivery and pick up will be to ground level only – additional charges will apply for delivery or pick up if up or down stairs.  (c) Delivery must be made to and equipment kept in a sheltered location protected from the elements.  (d) Chairs and tables will be delivered stacked and/or bagged.  Customer must ensure they are similarly stacked and bagged ready for pick up.  There is an additional charge for set up and knock down.  Dinnerware must be returned clean.
  • 12. If equipment is unavailable for pick up at the agreed time, Customer agrees to pay a service charge of $15.00 plus any additional rental charges accrued.  (b) Rental Company’s drivers will make every effort to be heard at Customer’s front door.  Responsibility for failure to hear driver because of loud radios, remoteness of customer from front door or any other reason rests upon the Customer.  (c) It is Customer’s responsibility to maintain the delivery and pick up times agreed upon in order to assure the availability of equipment.  If Customer authorizes any other person (such as neighbor or employee) to make equipment available for pick up, Customer will be responsible if such person fails to do so.  (d) If Customer requests delivery or pick up on Sunday or holiday, and if Rental Company agrees to such delivery or pick up, additional charges will apply.
  • 13. No equipment may be dismantled or moved to another location unless Rental Company gives specific consent.  Customer will be charged a service charge of $15.00 plus $1.00 per mile each way if pick up of equipment is from a location other that the location to which it was delivered unless Rental Company waives the charge at the time of consenting to the transfer.
  • 14. The charge for the whole of each rental period accrues on the first day of each such period.  There is no reduction or prorating of charges when Customer uses equipment for only part of rental period.  Payment is due and payable at the beginning of the rental period.  Terms on approved commercial open accounts are net 30 days.  A carrying charge of 1 1/2% per month (annual rate of 18%) will be charged on all overdue accounts.
  • 15. Customer agrees to pay all reasonable collection, attorneys and court fees and other expenses involved in the collection of the charges or enforcement of Rental Company’s rights under this contract.

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