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If you have a small child, then you have probably already noticed that kids ask for a certain type of party. Sometimes, the theme is general, like a dinosaur party, superhero party, or a pirate party. At other times, the theme is very specific, like your child’s favorite Disney Jr. or Nick Jr. TV show or a specific version of Spiderman. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when looking at party supplies, causing many parents to buy something that they feel meets the theme, but that does not meet their kid’s expectations.

Party Corner in Red Bank prides itself on being a kid-friendly party supply store. Our helpful sales associates not only know the critical difference between a Jurassic World party and a dinosaur party, but are also happy to work with parents and their children to help you get the party supplies of their dreams.

Of course, the basic party supplies start with the themed dinnerware. Plates, napkins, and cups in your child’s chosen theme are the building blocks of a themed party. However, you can make your party as specific or as basic as you want it to be. Tablecloths, decorations, balloons, and even themed party favors and treat bags can further personalize your party. Sometimes, themes even have large party activities, such as piñatas that match your theme.

For emerging products, manufacturers many only reason a limited supply of party products to test popularity and meet initial demand. You may worry that these products will make it difficult for you to throw a themed party. Fortunately, the party experts at Party Corner can show you how to take these limited products and intersperse them with colored paper products and decorations to extend the theme of the party. For example, Minecraft has been popular for years, but has limited paper party products. Use square dinner plates and napkins to create the feeling of the game. A Lego themed party might be enhanced by using square plates in primary colors. Of course, you can also mix and match different themes to customize your party. Have little boy guests coming to your daughter’s princess party? Instead of trying to find prince party products, you could always go with a princess and pirate theme. Worried that little girls might not find a Superman themed party exciting? Include some Wonder Woman goodies in the goodie bags.

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